Tiny Cooking

Mini stove with frying pan and eggs, pancakes and whisk.
  • Altoid-style Tin 
  • Stovetop sticker decal 
  • Plastic cap (mixing bowl) 
  • Cooking Pan (plastic bottle lid) 
  • Handle (mini wood dowel or thin metal) 
  • Wire (for wisk) 
  • Fabric (picnic napkin) 
  • Beads (for fruit) 
  • Clay (for food) 
  • Craft glue / hot glue (with adult supervision) 
  • Markers or paints 
  • Tape 

You may choose to paint your supplies before starting assembly. 


Step 1: Print or copy the stovetop design/decal. Trim around the edge of your stovetop. Then transfer, trace, glue or stick the decal to the flat side (top) of the Altoid tin. 

There are many methods to accomplish this!  

  • Print on sticker or white paper, and stick that to the tin 
  • Print on paper and color the back with pencil. Lay on top of the tin and trace the lines, so the graphite of the pencil transfers to the tin. They go over the lines with ink or paint.  
  • Print the design on a 3-d printer and glue to your tin. 
  • Use the design as inspiration and make your own stovetop.  

Step 2: Glue the handle onto your pan 

Step 3: Make your whisk: Lightly bend 3 pieces of wire over each other, bringing the ends together. Wrap a piece of tape around the ends.  

Step 4: Pancake batter: Press clay into the bottom of the plastic cap (mixing bowl).  Add beads into the “batter” for pancake flavor. 

Step 5: Food: Shape your clay into food: pancakes, eggs, bacon, or whatever you choose!  Color the clay with markers. 

Step 6: Additional Accessories: Using paper, miscellaneous plastic/metal objects, or your remaining clay, make additional accessories (plates, foods, etc.).  

Step 7: Put out your picnic napkin and enjoy a tiny meal!  When finished, you can pack everything inside your tiny stove.   

download instructions as a pdf