Summer Camp 2018

Our week-long summer camp sessions for ages 5–12 incorporate hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) concepts in a fun environment designed for students to build, explore, and create. Half-day camp sessions take place from 9am–12pm or 1pm–4pm Monday through Friday, include one snack per day, and all materials and supplies to complete each project are provided. To ensure a quality experience, each camp is limited to 15 participants. Pre-registration is required for both morning and afternoon sessions.

Tuition is $125.00 per child, per session ($112.50 for members)

Session 1:  Woodland Tree House (ages 8–12)– SOLD OUT

June 4–8, 2018 | 9am–12pm

Build a magical tree house for your favorite fairies, tree elves and woodland creatures. Using recycled holiday trees as a base material, campers learn about “up-cycling” concepts and engineering techniques. To complete each house, campers will create fun accessories - ladders, a hammock, tire swing, zip line, and more! Additional activities include creating woodland creatures and a bird house for your tiny outdoor neighbors!

Session 2:  Fairy Castle (ages 5–7)– SOLD OUT

June 4–8, 2018 | 1pm–4pm

This fairy fortress is constructed for the finest kings and queens of the land. Campers will learn about fairytales while building a castle tower surrounded by an alligator-filled moat. Each castle tower will be built from recycled materials, giving campers the opportunity to repurpose everyday objects into art. Additional activities include making fairy residents, baby dragons, ribbon wands, and King and Queen crowns for the campers to wear.

Session 3: Island Fairy (ages 5–7)–SOLD OUT

June 11–June 15, 2018 | 9am–12pm

Travel with Fairy Caitlin to the beautiful Polynesian Islands this summer and set sail on an epic adventure! In this ocean-themed camp session, campers will construct a tropical scene with a bright blue ocean, sandy beach, palm trees, and tropical foliage! While learning about island geography, campers will build a miniature outrigger canoe, make a dry sand ‘search and find’ jar, and create a ‘Heart of Te Fiti’ necklace.

Session 4: Night at the Museum (ages 8–12)– SOLD OUT

Please contact Moira McGee by email if you would like to be added to a wait list.

June 11–June 15, 2018 | 1pm–4pm

Become a mini museum curator and design an exhibit with famous artworks! In this colorful session, campers will re-create famous sculptures and paintings, while learning about the history of each artist and artwork. Campers will see their museum come to life at night when museum fairies tour the tiny collection. Artwork labels, wood floors, and special lighting make this museum a real work of art! Additional activities include learning color-mixing techniques and designing an 11” x 14” frame filled with each camper’s original art.  

Session 5:  Terracotta Army (ages 8–12)– SOLD OUT

June 18–June 22, 2018 | 9am–12pm

Gather your archeological tools and discover the Terracotta Army buried in China. Found in 1974, the excavation site revealed over 8,000 life-size clay soldiers, hundreds of horses, and many other figures buried with China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang. Campers will learn about the Terracotta Army and create their own excavation site complete with mini clay soldiers and other archeological treasures. Mold-making, plaster casting, and faux stone finishing techniques will make your camper’s miniature Terracotta Army a monumental work of art.

Session 6: Troll Bridge (ages 5–7)– SOLD OUT

June 18–June 22, 2018 | 1pm–4pm

These are not your typical trolls! Cute, colorful and friendly, these creatures are sure to bring a smile to your face! In this session, campers will build a miniature bridge, a garden of flowers, and a fun family of trolls. A discussion of folklore and mythology is woven throughout this session, and campers will practice their engineering skills by building a working drawbridge to house their hand-crafted trolls.

Session 7:  Mad Scientist Lab (ages 5–7)– SOLD OUT

June 25–June 29, 2018 | 9am–12pm

Experiment like a mad scientist in this explorative camp session! Campers will construct a miniature science lab, complete with a ‘stainless steel’ lab table, test tubes, beakers, potions, lights, and more! To add to the ‘madness’, campers will do their own experiments throughout the week- making fun potions and mixtures like gak and slime, while wearing their own lab coat and goggles.

Session 8:  Medieval Castle Dungeon (ages 8–12)– SOLD OUT

Please contact Moira McGee by email if you would like to be added to a wait list.

June 25–June 29, 2018 | 1pm–4pm

Travel back in time to a fortified, medieval castle and explore the room with the darkest secrets –the dungeon! In this session, campers will learn a bit of medieval castle history while constructing a two-level dungeon, complete with miniature faux bricks, wall sconces, skeletons and other frightful details. Real history mixes with elements of fiction and fantasy in this session as campers create their castle’s dungeon, complete with lords, ladies, knights and dragons!

Camp Prototypes

We will post images of the camp prototypes as they become available.

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Instructor Bio

Stephanie Dal PraStephanie Dal Pra | If you were to ask Stephanie Dal Pra about herself she would probably say, “I am an artist and teacher with a little comedian thrown in.” Stephanie loves life and learning and enjoys sharing her passion with others. She has an MFA in fine arts, sculpture as well as a teaching certificate from Pima Community College. Stephanie has been a professional artist and educator for nearly 10 years. She enjoys working with children and has taught art to K-6 students for much of her teaching career. She also volunteered with Girl Scouts leading a troop of 6 and 7 year olds for six years. During the regular school year Stephanie teaches fifth grade in the Sunnyside Unified School District. 


You can register for summer camp online using the button below, by phone at 520-881-0606 or in person at the museum. A completed registration packet is required for each child attending camp by the Friday prior to the first day of camp. Registration forms will be emailed to you if you purchase camp online or you can pick one up in person at the museum or download it here.

Please note, you will not be considered registered until payment has been made in full. Refunds Policy: The Museum will provide a refund of paid tuition minus a $25.00 administration fee if cancellation is received 15 business days or more prior to camp start date. The Mini Time Machine Museum cannot offer refunds for sessions missed as a result of student illness, emergencies or other events beyond our control.



Contact Director of Education and Registrar, Moira McGee at 520-881-0606 ext. 113 or by email.

Financial Aid Available

Scholarships based on financial need are available. The museum offers two scholarships per camp session on a first-come, first-serve basis. A maximum of two scholarships per family can be awarded. To qualify, you must prove need based on the 2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines (  Applicants must fall within the 100%-250% range based on household size and income and prove need with documentation: WIC, EIC, Temporary Assistance Card or 2017 tax return. 

To apply, please email Moira McGee for an application and additional information.  

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