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Our week-long summer camps for ages 8–14 incorporate hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) concepts in a fun environment designed for campers to build, explore, and create.

Our weekly, half-day summer camp sessions take place Mondays through Fridays from 9 am–12 pm or 1 pm–4 pm from July 8 through August 2. Each session explores a different theme and all materials and supplies to complete each project are provided. To ensure a quality experience, each camp is limited to 18 participants. Session descriptions are listed below.


Tuition is $175 per child, per session. Museum Members receive a 10% discount on tuition.

Purchase four sessions for $600. Use code: SC24

Advance registration is required for this program. Please see 'Important Information' at the bottom of this page before registering for information on our procedures, refunds, scholarships, and more.

2024 Summer Camp Descriptions


We're thrilled to announce the continuation of our Beginner and Advanced Sessions, now welcoming campers aged 8-14 (previous participants within our original age range are still welcome). Our Beginner camps foster creativity in a supportive atmosphere, emphasizing simpler techniques for those less familiar with tools like glue guns or sharp cutting instruments. Experienced students have the option to join beginner classes, enhancing their projects with extra details. If a beginner-level student wishes to explore advanced classes, caregivers can contact us for more information.

Contact our Education Director Djamila Jean-Charles by email or phone (520-881-0606 ext. 105) to discuss before registration.

 Beginner Camps for Ages 8–14

Our beginner-level sessions are ideally suited for these campers:

  • Minimal experience with summer camps or classes.
  • Minimal or basic experience with art/craft projects and/or with cutting tools such as scissors.
  • May need extra help in further developing skills and guidance in staying on task.
  • Capable of following verbal directions and possesses some reading/writing ability, though proficiency may vary.

Advanced Camps for Ages 8–14

Our advanced-level sessions are better suited for these campers:

  • Has taken past classes, summer camps, and/or workshops.
  • Works independently on craft, art, or other creative projects on a regular basis at home or in school.
  • Able to read/write and to follow written and verbal directions.
  • Feels comfortable using a variety of tools including X-Acto knives, sharper scissors, hot glue guns, sewing needles, and cutting tools AND caregivers agree to allow the camper to use these types of tools with instructor/volunteer supervision.

To be added to a wait list for a sold out session, please email our Education Director Djamila Jean-Charles at

Important Information

Augustine is an entomologist (bug scientist) by training, who earned a BA from the University of Georgia and a is naturalist at heart. In 2021 they received a Urban Naturalist certification from Georgia Institute of Technology. They love nothing more than teaching others about how interesting insects can be! Augustine has over 5 years of experience in entomology and ecology educational outreach with K-12 students.

They are currently helping our local community to create a neighborhood food garden in Tucson utilizing the principle of regenerative agriculture and urban gardening. Not to mention also teaching seasonal entomology and biology focused courses for high school students and K-12 teachers at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. They grew up in the humid old-growth forests surrounding Atlanta, Georgia, and have been learning all about the beautiful flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert since moving to Tucson. You can find Augustine gardening, hiking up in the mountains, and taking care of their many buggy pets.

Tasha Burr earned a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2015. She has had the pleasure of working with elementary school age children for over two decades! To say it is her passion would be an understatement.

She’s been in the classroom as a teacher, led youth groups for summer retreats as a counselor, and has been a ‘team mom’ for her children's sports groups. Currently, Tasha directs an after school acting program. She believes children have a natural desire to learn and build when given the opportunity and direction to do so. Her aspiration is to help children reach their potential and instill confidence by focusing on their strengths and setting achievable goals.

As a member of TMS (Tucson Miniature Society) and Miniature Club Casita, Tasha utilizes an array of skills which aid her in being a resourceful and well-rounded teacher. She’s cultivated a lifelong love for crafting and tinkering. We’re excited for her to be one of our instructors and hope that you’ll join us to create something wonderful! 

Tiger has her MFA in sculpture from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, sat in on an entire MFA program in Interactive Media from University of Southern California in Los Angeles and received her BS in Printmaking, Drawing and Painting from Portland State University. Earlier in her college career she simultaneously earned three degrees in Engineering Technology: Civil, Mechanical and Architectural, where she honed her interests in inventing, construction, mathematics, practical sciences, and also minored in both theater and environmental studies.

Her interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, combined with an artistic flair and mastery of a litany of different crafts has given her a unique skill set, and has led to exciting endeavors. She has worked on many Stop Motion projects in various cities, designing sets, props, costumes, armatures, rigging systems, puppets, costumes, storyboards and whatever else was needed to get the job done. Tiger has also had her hand in voice acting, singing, animating, producing and directing. Most notably, she was part of the hard-working team that created Charlie Kaufman’s Academy Award-nominated, Anomalisa!

Tiger loves to learn and enjoys passing her skills and passions on to others. She started teaching regularly in Portland, after attending a painting class where the teacher spontaneously asked her if she wanted a job. She has been actively teaching art to people of all ages ever since, and is incredibly excited to present this very special and one-of-a-kind STEAM curriculum to young aspiring miniaturists.

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