Staff Directory

William Russo

Executive Director

Bob Jennens

Director of Finance

Jesse Wiley

Facility Manager

Emily Wolverton

Curator & Patron Engagement

Moira McGee


Djamila Jean-Charles

Director of Education and Engagement

Michael Muscarello

Museum Specialist

Emily Laughlin

Member & Donor Relations Manager

Cristal Rogers

Museum Services Manager

Jazlyn Cassarino

Museum Services Senior Associate

Tomás Montez

Museum Services Senior Associate

Lani Smith

Museum Services Associate

Erika Stenson

Museum Services Associate

Board of Directors

*Patricia Arnell, Founder and Board President Emeritus
Chad Goebel, President, Director
Betsy Apking, Vice President, Director
Jennifer Brown, Treasurer, Director
Kathy Naylor, Secretary, Director
John Ackerman, Director
Sarah Arnell, Director

David Fischer, Director
Benjamin Hawkins, Director
Merry Lewis, Director
Carrie Yeo, Director