Sizing Up My World (Application Page)

Sizing Up My World Mini Grant Criteria
Any school or family service organization in the Tucson metro area is eligible for this transportation and admission funding support. Schools do not need to meet any Title 1, Federal Free and Reduced Lunch or other economic need requirements. Awards will be made at the discretion of TMTM’s grants review staff until funds are depleted.

  • Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to your planned visit.
  • The museum will provide up to $200 toward qualifying transportation costs for a single museum visit (See Qualifying Transportation). We encourage teachers to collaborate on SUMW Mini Grant applications.
  • Each school or service organization may receive up to $600 per calendar year. We encourage you to inform your colleagues about the availability of funds so that the greatest number of students at your school have the opportunity to visit the museum.
  • Schools may apply annually; having received an award in a previous year does not make a school ineligible.
  • The Museum will waive admission charges for this Sizing Up My World museum visit.
  • The Museum can accommodate a maximum of 60 students per one hour tour. For groups larger than 60, back-to-back tours can be scheduled.
  • All transportation arrangements must be made by the school or service organization.
  • Awardees must complete the SUMW Final Report after the visit (a link will be provided) and email or mail letter(s) addressed to the museum describing the impact that the museum visit had on their students or families. Support letters from students and individual family members are encouraged. The letter(s) should be received by the museum within two weeks of the visit. Letters of support will help us raise additional funding for this and similar programs.
  • Awards will be made at the discretion of the TMTM Grants Review Committee until the funding is depleted for the calendar year. Applicants will be notified whether or not they will receive funding within five business days by email. Museum visits will be scheduled at the time of notification of award.
Application Process

  1. Fill out and submit the online application at least four weeks prior to your anticipated museum visit.
    To prepare your group for their visit to the museum, book your optional free classroom outreach presentation by contacting museum outreach educator, Michael Muscarello, 520-881-0606 ext. 114 or by email. You do not need to receive a SUMW Mini Grant to book an outreach presentation. Outreach presentations are free based upon availability.
  2. Wait for notification of funding. You will be notified by email of your applications funding status within five business days from the date your application is received. Forms and instructions will be sent by email upon award of SUMW Mini Grant. If you do not receive confirmation within five business days, please contact the museum at 520-881-0606 or by email.
  3. If awarded a SUMW Mini Grant, book your museum visit and arrange transportation with your qualifying provider. Submit your signed W-9 form to the museum business manager, per the instructions.
  4. Enjoy your museum visit.
  5. Once your museum visit is complete, submit your SUMW Reimbursement Form and complete the SUMW Final Report and send these forms back with letter(s) defining the impact the museum experience had on your students within two weeks of your visit. Reimbursement requests received later than 30 days after your visit will be rejected.

Be sure to contact the Museum if your plans change and you need to cancel or reschedule your visit. We depend on volunteers to lead school tours, and we want to respect their time and commitment.

Qualifying Transportation includes:

  • School District Buses
  • Public Transportation such as Sun Tran
  • Private Vehicle (Reimbursement for private vehicle transportation will be based on mileage at a rate of $.555 per mile.)
    Taxi cabs do not qualify