Sizing Up My World

Sizing Up My World is The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures’ (TMTM) ambitious initiative to provide a free museum visit to school-children or youth from family service programs in the Tucson metro area.

Now schools and families who do not have the resources to afford a trip to the museum can engage children in a stimulating and challenging museum environment that enhances learning and creativity.

Funds raised for Sizing Up My World will go towards field trip costs including transportation and admission to The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures as well as provide educational outreach programs that begin right in the classroom.

In addition to providing a unique and exciting environment for learning, teachers and parents will be pleased to know that tours and outreach activities are developed to support classroom objectives in the Arizona Common Core standards in Math, English, Language Arts and Social Studies.

Click here to learn more about the importance of this program and how it aligns with education standards.

A gift of $50 will pay the cost of classroom outreach and a museum visit for five children. However, every donation helps.

Mini Grants for transportation of Up to $200 per visit or $600 per school/family service program will be awarded. Admission will be provided by TMTM. Recipients must meet the eligibility criteria set forth by TMTM. Award decisions are at the discretion of TMTM grants review staff. awards will be made until funds are depleted.