The Hatchling Apprentice, Pat Arnell, 1998

Museum founder Pat Arnell designed the Hatchling Apprentice using a glass conservatory created by Linda Young, known professionally as Lady Jane. Lady Jane constructs her display cases, miniature greenhouses, and miniature conservatories of glass, combining 1/8" double strength clear with accents of stained art glass, Lady Jane uses the "Tiffany" method of foil and solder.

This wizard’s library includes items that every proficient wizard would have at his disposal. Of particular note, is a side table with a top that resembles a coiled snake. The tabletop is made from an ammonite fossil, a type of cephalopod that went extinct 65.5 million years ago, which was believed to have magical properties throughout the middle ages. Two other exquisitely crafted objects in this room not to be missed are a handcrafted Book of Mythical Creatures by Barbara Rehab and an apothecary cabinet by John Davenport.
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