The Agua Caliente Elementary Littles Home Show 2014

Agua Caliente Littles 2014 Home Show web

This is a temporary exhibit of work created by students at Agua Caliente Elementary School on display at The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures from May 20 through June 1, 2014. Included with regular museum admission, free for members.

Agua Caliente Littles Home Show InteriorSecond graders at Agua Caliente Elementary School have read many of John Peterson’s chapter books and Teddy Slater’s First Readers about the Littles, tiny 6-inch people that live inside the walls of your house. The Littles are great recyclers. Whatever they find left behind by big people like you and me, they use in new and different ways to build their own homes and furniture. For instance, they might use a bottle cap for a sink or a cupcake wrapper for a lampshade.

After becoming familiar with the Littles, students create their own versions of Littles stories progressing through all the steps of the writing process from brainstorming to final edit and publishing. Their books are then published in size 5 font, bound, and illustrated.  As part of the lesson, each child also builds and furnishes a Littles house. The creativity and problem solving skills the children demonstrate as they incorporate items they find around their own homes is wonderful.

Agua Caliente Elementary School is part of the Tanque Verde Unified School District on Tucson's northeast side. The school and the school district are rated A by the Arizona Department of Education, and are part of a community that supports students to achieve and succeed at a consistently high level. For more information about Tanque Verde schools, please see the district's website at