Mario Patino’s Ravished Landscapes and Rundown Interiors

September 10, 2019 – December 15, 2019

This Community Corner exhibit features a series of miniature vignettes created by lifelong Tucsonan Mario Patino.

Unlike traditional miniature artisans who like to recreate buildings that idealize the past by presenting a beautifully restored reality, Mario Patino’s miniatures unabashedly depict the ravishes of time on the South Tucson barrio neighborhood where he grew up. Even though his telephone booth, local pool hall, 55 Chevy and vintage barrio kitchen are coated in dust, grime and stains, they are somehow charming. Perhaps it is his honesty in showing that time well spent leaves a mess and a mark. Or maybe the scale of the pieces encourages viewers to look beyond the grime and imagine the good times that these rundown remains represent.

About the Community Corner

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures’ Community Corner is exhibit space  dedicated to featuring the work of  Tucson-area miniature artisans, or artists who use miniatures as their medium. Exhibits will demonstrate the diversity of miniature artwork that is being created in our community, from traditional fine-scale craft to less conventional, that takes shape on a miniature scale.

Exhibit Support

This exhibit is supported in part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, which receives support from the State of Arizona and the National Endowment for the Arts.
  This exhibit is supported in part by the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, funded by the City of Tucson and Pima County.