Gypsy Caravan, Brian Long, 2006

Wagons have been used by gypsies for 150 years to live in and transport their possessions. Six main types were identified: Brush, Ledge, Bow Top, Open lot, Reading, Burton. The names were derived either from the home owner, shape of wagon or home town of noted builders. This mini example is the Ledge style, which has a narrow floor between tall wheels, for underneath storage. Outside is a spindle rack to keep vegetables or bantams (small poultry). Portable steps fold into the wagon when traveling. Have you noticed the two back wheels are larger than the front wheels? This allowed the wagon to drive safely over fords and rough ground.
Miniature artisan Brian Long’s first love has always been architectural history with a special interest in the underlying social history. He ran courses and lectured for Universities in the North of England for students wishing to understand the history and development of a community. Lecturing widely, he made many models to illustrate points which led in retirement to dollhouses. He produces dollhouse in a wider range of subjects from gypsy caravans to market halls or grand houses but prefers the vernacular.