Greene and Greene, Pat and Noel Thomas, 1989

The Gamble House, in Pasadena, California, is one of the most famous examples of Craftsman style architecture in the world. This distinctive home, designed, built and furnished by Charles and Henry Greene from 1907 to 1910, is a masterpiece of refined taste and simple, yet elegant style – and a true test of the miniaturist’s art.
Pat Arnell grew up in Pasadena and admired the Gamble House throughout her childhood. She commissioned master miniature artisans Pat and Noel Thomas to recreate the house. Much of the furniture was created by miniature artisan Bill Robertson. This miniature is not as an exact replica of the Gamble House – which has more rooms and an additional third floor – but rather as an homage that captures the essence of the famous house focused through the lens of their own artistic vision.