German Dollhouse, Christian Hacker, ca. 1892

Christian Hacker produced exquisite dollhouses, kitchens and shops from the mid-1800s through 1914. The Nuremberg company is best known for its three-story dollhouses with mansard roofs although they produced houses in many styles including a series with hipped roofs. Because the houses had a French appearance they were originally misattributed as made in France but one house was discovered in the 1970s with the inscription “Christian Hacker, Nuremberg, Germany, 1875, makers of wooden playthings.” The house was also stamped with a crown-topped shield that contained the initials “CH” below the word “shutzmarke” (German for “trademark.”)
Most Hacker dollhouses were large in scale and impressive; ranging from two to four stories tall, with three to as many as eight rooms. The mansard roofs were designed to be stackable, each level roof included to be resting on the one below. The front walls of each section usually opened separately.
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