Forget-us-not Fairy Castle, Ron and April Gill, 1998

Created by Ron and April Gill, the Forget-Us-Not Fairy Castle was commissioned by Pat Arnell after a friendly lunch with the Gills in which they all realized that Pat’s collection did not include a castle. Pat determined that she should have one and the Gills agreed to create it for her.
The castle is based on an Irish legend that tells the tale of a magical fairy castle residing below the waters of Lough Leagh in Northern Ireland. This magic fairy castle remains under water 364 days of the year hidden from human eyes by squash blossoms which cover the spires at the top of the castle towers. Fairies hide under the blossoms keeping a watchful eye on the world above. The castle was built in four parts, three levels and a grotto. The grotto at the base is teaming with fairies and mermaids. One mermaid who is diving into the water was created by artisan Cat Wingler and cast into the water by the Gills. Other mermaids and fairies were added by Pat Arnell. Ascending from the grotto is spiral staircase that leads to the dining room on the second floor.