Dark Side of the Moon: Antiques and Oddities, Ron and April Gill, 2013

The Gills were inspired to create this boutique by the Science Channel’s program Oddities in which people collect unusual objects. The program gave the Gills a unique perspective. Rather than creating a typical antique shop filled with furniture and everyday items, they decided to create a one-of-a-kind shop filled with items featuring taxidermy, insects, skeletons and bones.

Quoting April Gill: “I did the skeleton from a chipmunk, took me a while to get it cleaned. I turned the head upside down as I liked the look better. The tail is made of turkey bones that are in the legs. Ron named it Trigillaraurusron. The skull that is on the pole is also a chipmunk, we think. I found that out in what we call the fence row on our place, We have lots of owls and hawks around our place and I think it was one of their "leftovers."

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