Daneway House, English, 1775

The Daneway House is a typical 18th century baby house, built to show off a collection of miniature furnishings rather than as a scaled re-creation of a real home. At some time the original George III facade was lost and replaced with a plywood front of a different architectural era. Miniature artist Casey Rice restored the house in 1988. She researched its background and the construction techniques in use when it was built. Photographs in a vintage book showed the house as it looked over thirty years before, which helped to clarify its long history of modifications and “makeovers.”

Rice meticulously stripped away numerous layers of paint and other historically inappropriate details. Tiny sconces made from seashells were among the first to go. Large lights thrust through holes cut into the sides were removed, and a new, architecturally fitting front was added. The restoration effort took a year to complete but returned the miniature to a condition that probably more closely matches its original appearance.