Minis Magnified Tree Fort by Nathan Morsbach

Tree Fort, Nathan Morsbach, 2009–2012, painted cardboard with commercial figures

Working with cardboard, hot glue, and his imagination, Nathan Morsbach began making battle scenes around the age of seven. As he grew his work became more sophisticated yet he remains true to cardboard, his original material. Nathan draws the subjects for his work from his passion for Star Wars. As a small child, he was fascinated by these films, which opened the door to the world of science fiction. Central to his work is a desire to capture the action of the battle in order to captivate the audience and bring them into the scene.  Tree Fort depicts an Ewok Tree house from the 1983 film Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

Morsbach donated Tree Fort to the museum following its inclusion in the 2013 exhibit Small Scale Skirmishes: Battles from Imagination and Reality.


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