Minis Magnified Model Horse and Tack

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Leather Saddle, 1995; Mint O’odham Saddle Blanket, 2014; Stone Model ISH Mare “Carob”, 1999.  Created by Susan Bensema Young

This miniature worked leather Western-style horse saddle with hand embroidered saddle blanket, created by Susan Bensema Young, is an accurate miniature copy in the traditional 1:9 (1.2”) scale. It includes all the straps and metal fittings of a full-size piece. The Mint O’odham Saddle Blanket took Susan nine months to complete in cross stitch. She took some liberties with the cross stitch technique; instead of doing the standard two crossing strands of floss for each square, Susan chose to consider half a square to be a square, that is, two holes were covered with one pass of floss making it easier to complete and give the piece a unique texture.  This blanket was named “Mint” because of the pale green color of the blanket. The pattern on the blanket was based on a Chris Armstrong O’odham design, named after the Southwest Native American tribe.


Susan Bensema Young has been a model horse tackmaker since 1979 and is the author of Guide to Making Model Horse Tack (1998). She is best known for her Western tack. Susan’s work is in high demand and she is generally working on commissions two years out. She is an active member in North American Model Horse Shows Association (NAMHSA). NAMHSA was established in 1994 by a group of hobbyists online. NAMHSA’s mission is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote the model horse hobby. Its’ aim is to promote all facets of the model horse hobby and to provide support for the future development of model horse showing, customizing, and collecting.

About the Model Horse

Peter Stone worked for Breyer Model Horse Company until 1994 when he formed his own business, Peter Stone Company. Now Stone is headquartered in Shipshewnas, IN. ISH stands for “Ideal Stock Horse”. Carob was sculpted by Carol Williams, considered one of the greatest sculptresses. The ISH was originally a private sculpture released in cold-cast resin (1988-1997).

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