Minis Magnified Issue No. 59 The 1/144 Scale Buildings of Pat Russo

Pat Russo 144 Scale House

With regard to dollhouses, the use of a standardized scale is a relatively modern idea. Although the concept of dollhouses have been around for a few centuries, it was not until the 20th century that standardized scales began to slowly take root, due largely to the toy
industry. The popularity of 1/12 scale – now considered the standard scale for dolls’ houses – began to take hold initially thanks to the international fame of Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, a monumental feat of the 1920s, which included perfectly scaled and
functional miniaturized replica furnishings from Windsor Castle. However, we can give thanks to adult hobbyists and the resurgence of dollhouse popularity in the 1970s for the ability to find uniformly scaled dollhouse miniatures today, making it easier than at any other time in history to find furnishings that can suit any aficionado’s tastes. From this tidal wave of revived enthusiasm other scales came to find their own devoted following including 1/144 scale, where one inch equals 144 inches in miniature.

Mathematically, this scale is the square root of 1/12 scale and is the ideal scale for a dollhouse within a dollhouse. Masters of this scale are immensely popular, allowing collectors such as our own Museum Founder, Pat Arnell, to display a passion for fine scale miniatures on multiple levels – truly creating worlds within worlds. Continue reading a pdf of this article >>

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