Minis Magnified Issue no. 56 The Painted Bronze Miniatures of Robert Olszewski

The Grand Entrance by Robert Olszewski

February always ushers in a sentimental air, and visitors may find their gaze lingering on the softer details of our collection. Wandering the galleries with an appreciation for an artist’s hints of tenderness leads to countless joyful surprises: the capricious sweetness of children’s bedrooms, the feminine warmth of delicately stitched gowns, or the fragile petals of flowers lighter than a blade of grass. These singular elements contribute to the overall atmosphere of a finished piece and enhance the visitor’s understanding of the artist’s intentions. In this sense, even the smallest details of a work can become critically influential, no matter how subtle they might appear. The painted miniature bronzes of Robert Olszewski have been subtly shaping our visitor’s experience like a silent army, a multitude of diminutive works tucked into all corners of our collection. More than 60 of
Olszewski’s works can be found in our galleries, housed in just under 20 roomboxes and dollhouses.

The great quantity of his work can be traced to our Museum Founder, Pat Arnell. A collector at heart, it is no surprise that Pat has created a miniature world of fellow enthusiasts – her love affair with Olszewski’s small-scale pieces has produced small homes run by his would-be collectors. His statuary adorn bookshelves and fireplace mantles, bedside tables, desks, and credenzas. Once you have learned to recognize his work, you can readily spot them. Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>


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