Minis Magnified Issue No. 54 Bliss Houses

Large Bliss House Collection of The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

It’s hard not to feel the warm glow of nostalgia during the holiday season, when traditions which have been passed down through generations are once again celebrated with loved ones and friends. For those who celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, this time of year also brings swells of generosity, manifesting in kind deeds, thoughtful words, and considerate gifts to warm the heart and home. For children, the anticipation surrounding these holidays fosters joyous life-long memories of hopes and wishes made true. The “Dream Toy” for children changes as they grow and has evolved with each new generation – but one toy has managed to remain as popular now, as ever: the dollhouse.

Once one of the most coveted objects of play, the dollhouse came gloriously marching into the homes of the middle class thanks to the Industrial Revolution. Mass-production made toys affordable, and children all across Europe and America would soon be found gazing longingly at the dog-eared pages of toy catalogs. In America, one of the most successful toy companies of its day was the R. Bliss Manufacturing Co., established in 1832, whose iconic dollhouses and toys have now become cherished pieces of museums and private collectors from all over the world. Here at The Mini Time Machine Museum, we are fortunate enough to have eight Bliss buildings in our collection – six houses, one stable, and one cabin – as well as two sets of Bliss ABC Furniture. Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>


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