Minis Magnified Issue no. 53 Great Hall

Great Hall by Peter Westcott

Peter Westcott’s Great Hall (1983) captures the immense, airy space of early Tudor halls in a way almost inconceivable on the small scale. He magnificently recreates the high, arch-braced hammerbeam ceiling, drawing the eye upwards to the heavens in architectural wonder. The long, dark timber of the floor draws the gaze inward, just as the heavy paneling on the walls wrap the space in a dark warmth that is both daunting and profound. This is a space for intimidating rivals and impressing guests, a hall that  demands whispered voices and respectful passage. There is no fire burning in the hearth, but the ghost of past roaring flames can be felt in imagined red flickering along the walls, casting somber shadows – without the heat of these flames the room is drafty and cold. Three suits of armor stand vigil, hollow men trapped in duty, unsullied reminders of past oaths and great victories.  Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>

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