Minis Magnified Issue no. 51 Fairy Caitlin

Fairy CaitlinThe Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is bustling with visitors as we celebrate our 5th anniversary. The staff have been reminiscing over many joyous memories, the creative solutions to new challenges and pride in our continuing development of educational and inspirational programming. It is the perfect time to reflect upon the original dreams of our founders Patricia and Walter Arnell, whose vision and dedication have brought so much joy to so many. Their mission to preserve and advance the art of miniatures, showcasing the fine-scale masterpieces of the international miniature community, has been met by our staff and board with ambitious goals and innovative projects such as Sizing Up My World mini grants for field trips and outreach and our Touch Tours for the visually impaired. And yet, there is an element here that cannot be measured, that fundamental breath of life to our visitor experience that is felt by young and old alike. There is magic here, a jolly twinkle that springs from the young-at-heart, fostered by our Founders and stitched into the very fabric of our museum. And there can be no better example of this playful tenet than our resident fairy, Caitlin.

Caitlin stems from the imagination of Patricia Arnell, the charming embodiment of her lifelong love of storytelling (and her spirited sense of humor). Caitlin exists in many forms: as 1:12 scale figures in her many disguises; as a beam of sparkling light; as the tinkling of chimes overhead; and as an elusive spirit in our Enchanted Tree, who appears and then vanishes into the ether. Designed to be the museum's ambassador, Caitlin's influence is felt from the first moment. Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>

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