Minis Magnified Issue no. 50 Three Bears’ Cottage

Three Bears Cottage Bluette MaloneyOne walk through our Enchanted Realm Gallery can bring out the child in anyone. The gallery is fueled by imagination, a colorful neighborhood of fantastical beasts and storybook creatures. There are wizards and dragons, fairies and elves, mischief-makers and wandering souls. Our Enchanted Tree, filled with the burrows of precocious city mice, greets visitors with a crinkly smile – encouraging them onward into the wonderland. Children naturally feel quite at home in this gallery, happily hopping back and forth among the displays, pausing only to catch a glimpse of Fairy Caitlin in her knothole. Adults are struck with the warm familiarity of the characters, the waves of nostalgia inviting fond childhood memories.

One piece in particular has tremendous appeal for young and old, alike: Bluette Meloney’s Three Bears’ Cottage (2000), a true fairytale feast for the eyes. Created at one of Rik Pierce’s highly sought-after workshops, Bluette fashioned her cottage to be the home of the fabled bear family, made famous by that notorious blonde intruder, Goldilocks. The scene perfectly captures the pivotal moment when Goldilocks awakens, finding herself face-to-face with the grizzly inhabitants of the home which she has so rudely invaded. She appears either frozen mid-yawn or mid-shriek, while Baby Bear points at her, accusingly. Papa Bear is growling ferociously, dressed in what appears to be some unfortunate woodman’s shirt; only Mama Bear seems calm. It is no surprise that our museum docents love to use Bluette’s piece in their School Tours, inciting the children to re-tell the story using the miniature clues throughout the house. Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>

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