Minis Magnified Issue no. 48 William Robertson

Paintbox by William RobertsonThe art of miniatures triggers profound fascination and curiosity, felt by children and adults in cultures around the world. Throughout all of human history we have been manipulating scale, cutting our world down to size for artistic, spiritual and playful purposes. At The Mini Time Machine Museum our visitors keenly feel this intrinsic allure. Here, we are colossal – our panoramic, omnipotent viewpoint of history and lifestyles progressively dissolves into a dazzling microcosm, our gaze going ever deeper from the small house to the smaller rooms, and from there the tiny furnishings and the miniscule décor. At this level, treasures of immense beauty and skill lie waiting for the attentive viewer. This is where we find the work of William R. Robertson, a man whose miniature works are so meticulously fashioned that they defy belief. Each one of his creations is worthy of a museum spotlight, though here they are more frequently tucked into a larger scene. Although unquestionably raising the accompanying work’s level of excellence by sheer proximity, this unfortunately deceives the untrained eye which, following human nature, is more apt to notice the flaw than the flawless. Robertson’s work can therefore seem camouflaged by perfection, patiently waiting for that gasp of appreciation. Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>

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