Minis Magnified Issue no. 15 The Boat Builder’s Study at Lake Tahoe

With warmer months ahead and school nearly out, several of us find ourselves drifting into thoughts of summer vacation. For many of us, summertime brings to mind a collage of coastal images- sandy beaches and seaside picnics, swimsuits and sunburns, and always the delightful view of a sailboat on the distant waves. Perhaps it is this eager anticipation for summer adventure that brings The Boat Builder’s Study at Lake Tahoe (acquired 2010) to mind. This enchanting roombox, created by local miniature artist Madelyn Cook, spotlights the world of a model ship builder, a craftsman who appreciates the swelling sails of a ship and the thrill of a vessel on open water- so much so, that he sets about to capture and recreate his nautical visions with his own hands.

Model ship building is a passionate hobby not unlike creating reproduction scale miniature houses and room boxes. Both require extensive research into the time period in which the original was created, including the cultural influences, economic standing and technological advancement of the original builders themselves. Both hobbies also require firsthand knowledge of drafting tools and the ability to conceptualize a finished project using extensive data. Not surprisingly, the field of model ship builders and miniature artisans often overlap, as most of them use many of the same tools, working on the most intricate of details to provide that sought after sense of realism and accuracy. Both types of artist are masters of patience, knowing that no other characteristic will so greatly affect the quality of their piece. Click here to continue reading a pdf of this article >>

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