School Outreach

student at outreach presentationBring the BIG world of SMALL delights into your classroom!

Schedule an outreach presentation in conjunction with your tour, or simply invite our museum educator to your classroom to introduce your students to museums and the world at large, through careful observation and conversation about miniatures. Each one hour presentation includes interactive discussion and an opportunity to create a miniature. Classroom presentations are FREE.

Outreach presentations may be scheduled Monday – Friday between 8am and 3pm. Maximum group size is 30 students. Consecutive lessons may be scheduled to accomodate larger groups.

To schedule your classroom visit, please call our Museum Education Assistant and Outreach Educator, Michael Shea Muscarello at 520.881.0606 Ext. 114, or email him at michaelm@theminitimemachine.org.


Choose from the following themes (suggested audience is listed):

Once Upon a Time: Tiny Fairytales (grades K–4)

Learn the elements for creating your very own fairytale, while exploring whimsical miniatures from our permanent collection. Peek inside The Three Bears House, immerse yourself into an Irish Fairy Castle, and share your adventure by creating a miniature fairytale book!

Tiny Tour Around the World (grades K–8)

Tour the US, Europe, and Asia without jet lag! Students are introduced to regional traditions, learn their geography, and discover cultural similarities and differences, while, “visiting” miniatures that replicate some of the most desirable locations on the globe. Students will be invited to dream about their own travels by illustrating their aspired destinations into their very own miniature passports.

Time Travel: Egypt (grades K–8)

Students learn about Ancient Egypt while exploring Time of the Pharaohs, a miniature recreation of Ramesses the Great’s Temple at Abu Simbel. Students will time travel to the 13th century BCE by assuming various Egyptian societal roles, while discovering the building blocks of civilization. Students will construct a folded-paper miniature pyramid, and decorate their very own cartouche.

Miniature Mathematics: From Big to Small (grades 2–8)

Fine Scale Miniatures replicate the real world in precise detail; this cannot be achieved without Mathematics. Students will practice measuring and estimation, using ratios for scale conversions, while studying meticulously detailed miniatures. This lesson culminates with the students creating an accurate, small scale drawing of a portion of their surroundings.

Poetic Petite Pastiche (grades K–8)

Like Poets, Miniaturists depend on collecting, collaborating, and repurposing; constructing sensory-rich atmospheres for their viewers to transport themselves into. In this lesson, students will be introduced to some of the most common poetic forms, while examining miniatures, from the permanent collection, which portray a blended way of thinking and creating. Students, then, will put together a miniature collage of their own, in-which they will have to poetically describe to their peers.

My Dollhouse is Me (grades K–8)

Historically, dollhouses have been status symbols, objects for play and learning, built for entertainment, and created as works of art. Learn how a dollhouse, like any other art form, can be an extension of one’s identity. How can our creative choices shape who we are? What do our belongings say about us? In this lesson, students will look at unique miniatures from the permanent collection, miniatures which highlight different personalities. Then, students will examine the book, The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater, and will design their own miniature paper house.


For more information or to book a visit, please contact our Museum Outreach Educator, Michael Muscarello, at 520-881-0606 ext. 114 or by email.


Community Outreach

The Mini Time Machine also offers community outreach programs. Let us come and introduce your group to the BIG world of small delights.

For more information, please contact our Museum Outreach Educator, Michael Muscarello, at 520-881-0606 ext. 114 or by email.


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