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Mini M.E.s are young adult museum educators. This volunteer program provides a creative learning environment and resume-quality professional experience, while the Museum gains the benefit of trained program assistants.

Geared toward students ages 14 to 22 with interests in museums, miniatures, art, crafts, history, and culture. The program requires a minimum of a six-month commitment from participants. Participants will meet every other Saturday morning from February through May.

Once trained, Mini M.E.s will put their new skills to work volunteering with summer programs, helping teach younger students the art of making miniatures, being on-duty in the galleries to engage our visitors, and even providing tours to elementary school children to help them learn how to look at and talk about the art of miniature making.

This volunteer position may be used to count toward school community service hours, independent study programs, or internships programs. It may not be used for legal or court mandated community service. Parents, guardians, and/or caregivers are encouraged to attend the first meeting with their children to meet program leaders and are welcome to observe their training and volunteering if they wish to do so. Participants must be enrolled in a high school/home school, community college, or college/university as active students in good standing.

The Spring 2020 training sessions will teach public speaking skills and encourage dialogue and research into fine art and miniatures.

Spring 2020 Training Begins February 8th

Additional Requirements

  • Ages 14 to 22 (active students only)
  • Minimum of six-month commitment
  • Willingness to work with children under age 14
  • Creative with an interest in crafts, miniatures, and/or art
  • Good listening skills, patience, and a flexible disposition
  • Comfort with public speaking
  • Interest in learning new information independently as well as with other volunteers and museum staff
  • Proficiency in Spanish is a plus
  • Participants must complete the training program and have permission to participate from a legal guardian if under age 18
  • Compensation and/or transportation to the Museum will not be provided


Please contact our Education Director Djamila Jean-Charles at 520-881-0606 ext. 105 or by email.