Shop a wonderful selection of both full scale and miniature Mata Ortiz pottery created by Master Artist Oralia López and other fine artists at amazing prices directly from the sellers at this Trunk Show held at The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures.

Oralias Small Pot with Lid


December 20, 2019 | 10am–4pm

December 21, 2019 | 9am–4pm

January 31, 2020 | 10am–4pm

February 1, 2020 | 9am–4pm


Admission to the Trunk Show is free.

Please enter the trunk show through the museum's main entrace.

About Master Artist Oralia López

Oralia Lopez Oralia has set the standard for finely executed geometric designs for Mata Ortiz pottery. Her work is shown in the finest galleries and museums of the Southwest. She will be demonstrating the intricate technique used to paint Mata Ortiz pottery and will have a wonderful selection of work by many other fine Mata Ortiz artists available for purchase at reasonable prices. Mata Ortiz Pottery is internationally known for its elegant forms, precision designs, and beautiful colors. Many Mata Ortiz potters have incorporated designs from ancient Casas Grandes pots or from local petroglyphs into their work. Mata Ortiz ceramics grace thousands of private collections in Japan, Europe, Latin America, the U.S., and Canada.