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Salavat Thrones 2024

Salavat Fidai: The Pencil is Mightier

Using a modest craft knife and a microscope, Salavat Fidai transforms the iconic characters and symbols from global phenomena like Game of Thrones, Marvel, and Star Wars into minute sculptures carved on pencil tips. By compressing these universally recognizable images to just a few millimeters, Fidai brings our cinematic obsessions into a microscopic realm. His exhibition also features works that tackle some of today's most pressing challenges, including war, national invasion, and the beauty of nature threatened by climate change.

Fidai's art challenges our perceptions of power and scale, and redefines what is physically and humanly possible. Born in Russia, Fidai faced severe repercussions for publicly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine—losing his clientele, his livelihood, and the safety of his family, prompting their abrupt move to the United States.

The exhibit Salavat Fidai: The Pencil is Mightier represents a partnership with The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures in Tucson, Arizona. This collaboration aims to broaden his recognition and restore the financial success he previously enjoyed in regions like Australia, Singapore, and East Asia. Notably, for this touring exhibit, Fidai has created a poignant piece featuring two yellow pencils that form the words "STOP WARS" in the iconic Star Wars font, making a personal statement against violence and power misuse, while maintaining the joy and wonder that characterizes all his work.

Number of works: 40 micro-miniature pencil sculptures

Organized by: The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures in partnership with the artist, Salavat Fidai

Lender: The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Toured by: The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Approximate size: 300-750 square feet. Minimum of 25 linear feet for display.

Security: Moderate

Participation Fee: $8,000

Shipping: The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures makes all arrangements. Exhibitors pay shipping costs.

Booking Period: 12 weeks; shorter and longer periods available upon request, pricing may vary

Tour: October 2024 - June 2026

Add-On Options: (Available upon request, and based on availability - with added fee) Artist Participation, Demos, Receptions

Contact: Moira McGee, moiram@theminitimemachine.org, (520) 881-0606 x 112


Available for Bookings

October 2024 – June 2026

Tour dates can be customized to meet your scheduling needs. Please contact Moira McGee (moiram@theminitimemachine.org) for more information.

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures Announces New Partnership with Renowned Miniature Artist Salavat Fidai 

Tucson, AZ – May 16, 2024 – The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures (TMTM), William Russo Executive Director,  a unique museum dedicated to the art of miniatures, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with internationally acclaimed artist Salavat Fidai. This collaboration will bring Fidai's extraordinary micro sculptures to a broader North American audience through the traveling exhibit "The Pencil is Mightier." 

Salavat Fidai, known for his intricate and detailed sculptures carved into the graphite rods of pencils, has gained global recognition and a dedicated following. His works, which often feature detailed renderings of iconic buildings, characters from popular culture, and complex geometric patterns, will be showcased across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, at the conclusion of its exhibition at TMTM's flagship location in Tucson. 

Traveling Exhibition and Exclusive Representation 

"The Pencil is Mightier" exhibit will commence its journey at TMTM and will be made available for exhibition at various museums across North America. Each location will provide visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the minute and exquisite world created by Fidai's deft hands.   

In addition to hosting the exhibit, TMTM will also serve as the exclusive representative for the sale of Salavat Fidai's pencil sculptures. This partnership marks the first time that all of Mr. Fidai's works will be available for purchase from one source  directly in North America, making it a significant occasion for art collectors and enthusiasts. 

Exclusive Online Release 

Starting June 9th, selected artworks by Salavat Fidai will be available for purchase exclusively through the TMTM website. Additional pieces will be released periodically, offering collectors regular opportunities to acquire new and unique works by this master sculptor. 

William Russo, Executive Director of TMTM says, "We are honored to represent Salavat Fidai, an artist whose work embodies the spirit of creativity and meticulous craftsmanship that our museum celebrates   This partnership not only introduces his incredible talent to a wider audience but also reinforces our commitment to promoting the diverse and dynamic world of miniatures." 

"I am delighted to collaborate with The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures to share my passion and art with more people across North America. This partnership is a wonderful opportunity to connect with enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and challenge of miniature sculpture," says Salavat Fidai. 

About The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures 

Located in Tucson, Arizona, The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is a nonprofit museum dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of miniatures. Through its collection and rotating exhibits, it showcases miniaturized art from various cultures and time periods, providing an educational and inspiring experience for all ages. 

For more information about the exhibit, purchasing artworks, or general inquiries, please visit www.theminitimemachine.org/salavat-fidai. 

Contact: Media Relations, The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures:
Julie Ray Creative, julie@julieraycreative.com