The Little Things: Featuring Carolyn Robles and Deborah Sliker

August 22, 2023 through February 4, 2024 Exhibit Overview Tucson artist Carolyn (Carrie) Robles takes inspiration from the transformative qualities of the Overview Effect in this collaborative exhibition, featuring over…

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17th Century Ship Captain’s Quarters by Ara Bentley

November 7, 2023 – November 2, 2025 Exhibit Overview Texan Ara Bentley became a YouTube sensation after starting her channel, Bentley House Minis.  This extended spotlight exhibit features Bentley’s newest…

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© Exquisite Miniatures, in-process painting by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist

Exquisite Miniatures by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist

October 17, 2023 through January 21, 2024 ©Exquisite Miniatures, in-process painting by Rachelle Siegrist © Exquisite Miniatures, in-process painting by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist © Rachelle Siegrist, Fish Camp at…

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Dowdytown: Chapter 3 of the Agoraphobia Trilogy by Stephen Farley

April 18 through January 28, 2024 “Every inch of that old downtown lives in my memories: Ruben Kourik’s little store where I bought stamps for my collection; the newsstand where…

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Dioramas of a Darker Nature: Nicolas Levasseur’s Abandoned Miniatures

February 10 through May 7, 2023 Dioramas of a Darker Nature: Nicolas Levasseur’s Abandoned Miniatures documents the stories, human imprint, and time’s inevitable passage left behind in vacated and long-deserted…

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Remarkable Presence: Commemorating the Victims of COVID-19

January 24 through April 16, 2023 In this Community Corner Exhibition, multi-disciplinary artist Jen Urso provides a visual reflection on the process of grief and loss. During the pandemic, as…

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Darwin by Connie Sauve

Tucson Miniature Society’s Show and Sale: Best in Show 2022

November 8, 2022 – January 29, 2023 Each year the Tucson Miniature Showcase has a theme and competition. This year’s theme was Books and Nooks.  First, second and third place…

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An eerie view of Buzzard Creek Ghopst town in dim light with interior lanterns glowing into the night.

Jean LeRoy’s Buzzard Creek Ghost Town

September 26 – November 5, 2023 Buzzard Creek may seem like a quintessential western town with its general mercantile, barbershop, and saloon. But don’t be fooled by the quaint building…

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Ono No Tofu and the Frog

Japanese Netsuke: Upholding Cultural History of Japan

Japanese netsuke are cherished and collected for their magnificent design and impressive carving. It is hard to imagine these small sculptures were initially artfully crafted utilitarian toggles, created to secure…

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The artist creating a scene with shadow puppets

Tales from Min’Umbra

October 6, 2022 – January 22, 2023 Tales from Min’Umbra was born out of artist and puppeteer Tania Yager’s vision to create shadow puppet shows that explore the deeper realms…

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