Tiny Tributes by Rudy Flores & Teresa Estrella

Tiny Tributes: A Celebration of the People and Stories within Our Community    

The next evolution of the 3-D Army Man Project by Rudy Flores & Teresa Estrella

Exhibit Overview

The Tiny Tributes community collective is a living, breathing exhibition, with new voices being collected daily. Beginning in June 2024, every summer The Mini Time Machine Museum will spotlight a new selection of 3-D printed figures, showcasing people from all around the world who have taken part in the Tiny Tributes project.

Rudy Flores and Teresa Estrella’s ongoing art project, Tiny Tributes, playfully integrates the role of miniatures in storytelling, memory-making, and childhood play. Tapping into the nostalgia of green Army Men figures, the artists cleverly repurpose the toy’s original mission: no longer faceless men serving in perpetual battle, these 3-D printed figures each have a unique story of their own, marching to their own beat. While the original toy may have glorified victory over a nameless foe, Tiny Tributes celebrates individual triumphs. Together, this motley crew unites to form a wonderous record of human stories, transforming into cherished mementos in an act of beautiful self-preservation, revealing who we are and what we love as a testament to our shared humanity.

The Tiny Tributes project is the next revolutionary step in Flores and Estrella’s artistic journey, evolving from their groundbreaking Army Man Project, beginning in 2015. Harnessing the power of crowdfunding to support their vision, Flores and Estrella began scanning members of the Tucson community, turning them into 3-D printed Army Men and, most importantly, collecting their individual stories along the way. Encouraged to bring props and select poses that reflected their unique personalities, when presented together in exhibitions these Army Men took on a new life, becoming a tribute to the diversity, creativity, and tenacious joy of Tucson. Now, the artists pay tribute to an even larger community, stretching beyond Tucson, to gather the stories of a community collective without borders.

June 4, 2024 – Ongoing Community Arts Partnership

Tiny Tributes 2024 Catalog

Use the above link to access the full list of participants currently on display in the Tiny Tributes exhibition! These tributes will be on display until the next installment in the summer of 2025.

*Please note: the participant list is in order by catalog number, not alphabetically!

Become a Tiny Tribute!

Join the ranks – become a part of the Tiny Tributes community collective! There are two ways to participate:

1. Exhibition Participant Only. Fill out an application to be scanned to have a 3-D printed Tiny Tribute made in your likeness included in the exhibition! Donations to cover the materials and time for the scan are encouraged. Applications are considered in the order in which they are received and are based on session availability. These sessions do not include a duplicate figure for you to keep.

Click here for an application or fill one out at your next visit to the museum. Requests for an appointment are not a confirmation of an appointment.  This application form is for those who do NOT want a personal copy of their Tribute. Option 2 is for those wishing to have a personal copy in a custom collector's box to keep.

2. Exhibition Participant & Personal Tribute Memento. Book a personal scanning session to have a 3-D printed Tiny Tribute made in your likeness included in the exhibition AND receive an additional copy for you to keep! Your personal Tiny Tribute comes in a collector's clamshell display box with your name, designed by Flores & Estrella! ($100.00 artist fee)

Call the museum to learn more about your options for participation or to book your scanning session in advance – slots fill quickly! Scanning takes place at the artists’ studio in Tucson, Arizona.

Join us for the Members Only
Opening Reception

June 6th 5:30-7:30


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