Boat Builder’s Study at Lake Tahoe

Madelyn Cook, CA. 1993

The Boat Builder’s Study began in a class on inlaid floors taught by Bruce Plumb and Ankar Rasmussen. Madelyn Cook designed the pattern for the floor and learned to create split columns, a domed ceiling, and a curved wall.

Cook explains: “Truly with this much work you need a reason for this to exist, a story line.
My resident is a gentleman in love with ship modeling. His favorite view is outside the windows “Lake Tahoe” where everyone sails. (I think he hires window washers who don’t mess with the geraniums). He also reads all those books about modeling and ships. He appears to like ice tea (maybe hot toddies in the winter). He smokes a pipe and needs glasses. He even regularly waters his ferns. He somehow manages to keep things neat and clean.”