Collection Cameos

Colonial Room Collection Cameo

May 8, 2021
Colonial Room featured image

Untitled (Colonial Room), Shirlee Greenberg, c. 1991, mixed media, 1:12 scale, gift from the Family of Shirlee Greenberg, 2020.4.001 One of our 2020 acquisitions is an untitled Colonial room box by the late Shirlee Greenberg. Shirlee was an accomplished miniaturist, an IGMA* Fellow in the needlework category, whose work was profiled in Miniature Collector, Nutshell…

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The Carriage House Antique Store Collection Cameo

May 7, 2021
The Carriage House Antique Store featured image

The Carriage House Antique Store, Ron and April Gill (building), Mary Paul Yankey (concept and interior design), 2006, mixed media, 1:12 scale, gift of the Yankey Family honoring the memory of Mary Paul Yankey, 2020.3.1 Carriage House Antique Store was donated to The Mini Time Machine Museum by the Yankey family, honoring the memory of…

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Weaving Studio Collection Cameo

April 20, 2021
Weaving Studio featured image

Weaving Studio, Annie Herzfeld, 1991, mixed media, 1:12 scale, gift of Annie Herzfeld, 2020.2.2 Weaving Studio was donated to The Mini Time Machine Museum by miniaturist Annie Herzfeld. Completed in 1991 and created in 1:12 scale, where one inch in miniature equals 12 inches in full-scale, this contemporary piece was designed by Annie after she became enamored…

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Sally Hemings Collection Cameo

February 2, 2021
Sally Hemings full length

Sally Hemings, Ellen Poitras, ca. 2002, donated by the National Miniature Trust, 2019.2 Recently formally acquisitioned by the museum, this 2” scale figure by Ellen Poitras represents Sally Hemings as portrayed by the actress Carmen Ejogo, in the television miniseries: Sally Hemings: An American Scandal, which aired in February of 2000.  Sally Hemings was an…

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Silver Queen Collection Cameo

January 29, 2021
Silver Queen featured image

Silver Queen, Ray Whitledge-Burgess, ca. 1990s, gift of Barbara Halverstadt, 2015.1.3 There is no shortage of tiny wonders in this fanciful roombox, built by the renowned Ray Whitledge-Burgess and filled with miniature masterpieces collected by Barbara Halverstadt. Using mirrors and light to great effect, this roombox is positively luminous, each glass and silver surface glittering…

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