Art Carts

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It may be impossible to actually step into our miniature rooms, but now you can rearrange the furniture while exploring a miniature presented on our new Art Carts! The Art Carts are a hands-on encounter showcasing different themes or time periods represented in our collection and providing information about the craft of miniatures. Museum docents invite you to explore tiny furnishings on the Art Cart similar to those behind glass. You may pick up and study pieces of furniture and accessories, place them in a dollhouse or roombox, or try out the tools of the miniature artisan.

Art Carts are currently available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from  12:30pm until 2:30pm, based on docent availability.


1930’s Miniature House

Travel back to the 1930s and see if you can identify some standard household appliances in our 1930’s Miniature House. Learn about, or reminisce about, life in the early 20th century while exploring this 1930’s home.


Small, Smaller, Smallest: Dollhouse Scale

Scale is central to creating a realistic interpretation of reality in miniature. Learn what 1:144 scale means and discover what a miniature artisan uses to create those petite pieces of furniture. You will be amazed by the skill and patience required to create teeny tiny objects.

Culture Cart

East meets West in our Culture Art Cart. Visit apartments in modern day China and Japan, then step into a contemporary Irish cottage and explore the cuisine, customs, fashions and home furnishings that make each culture unique. Learn how the distinct landscape of each country influences the lifestyle of the people.


Booking a group tour? Ask about adding on an Art Cart experience for your group!