The Mini Time Machine Museum is pleased to present a rotating list of Salavat Fidai's available microsculptures for purchase. Please note that some pieces are currently featured in our exhibition and will be unavailable to ship or for in-person pick-up until after the exhibition has closed. The museum will gladly facilitate shipping and handling at the request of the buyer, providing custom quotes from the finest art handlers in the industry. If no other arrangements or requests have been made, each microsculpture will arrive safely secured in a signed wooden box, accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity from Salavat Fidai. The buyer may also make arrangements for a date to come and retrieve their extraordinary artwork at the museum.

Available Pencil Microsculptures:

Note: The following microsculptures are on display through June 9, 2024.

New pencils will be released periodically! Register to get news and alerts about available Pencil Microsculptures:

Recommended Display Options:

The museum curatorial team will personally assist each buyer to find the display option that best suits their tastes and budget. These microsculptures can simply be kept in their custom wooden box, or encased in a glass dome, or framed. No matter which display option you choose, keep the microsculpture in a place out of direct sunlight, and free from humidity and temperature fluctuations. The curatorial team is here to assist you at every step of the process - never fear, we will ensure your fragile artwork is handled by the experts, so you don't have to!

How to purchase:

Please contact the museum directly to inquire about purchasing one of Salavat Fidai's exceptional microsculptures. We are happy to answer your questions!   
Emily Wolverton
Curator & Patron Engagement
(520) 881-0606 x 107
Two Green Hearts, #137
Two Green Hearts, #137