Sally Hemings Collection Cameo

Sally Hemings full length

Sally Hemings, Ellen Poitras, ca. 2002, donated by the National Miniature Trust, 2019.2 Recently formally acquisitioned by the museum, this 2” scale figure by Ellen Poitras represents Sally Hemings as portrayed by the actress Carmen Ejogo, in the television miniseries: Sally Hemings: An American Scandal, which aired in February of 2000.  Sally Hemings was an…

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The Ball-Paylore Miniature House Project Phase 1

Architectural Plans BPH Arthur T Brown

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures checks in with miniature artist Michael Yurkovic with some questions about Phase 1 of constructing the half-inch scale replica of the Historic Ball-Paylore House. TMTM: You recently stayed at the Ball-Paylore House when you were doing a site visit. What was your impression of the house? Michael Yurkovic:…

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