Permanent Collection

The miniature museum collection contains over 400 miniature houses and room boxes as well as other collectibles. The museum’s artifacts are organized into three main areas; the Enchanted Realm, History Gallery and Exploring the World.

The Enchanted Realm is a magical place and the pieces displayed in this gallery reflect that. Here you will find woodland creatures, snow villages, fairy castles and a witches compound to name a few.

The pieces in the History and Antiques Gallery are reflective of different time periods and have historical value and significance. One of the oldest miniature houses in the United States, circa 1775 is part of this collection. You will also find examples of craftsmanship and technique as well as pieces that exemplify contemporary times.

In the Exploring the World gallery, you will see contemporary fine-scale miniatures and examples of how miniatures are used in other cultures with items from artisans representing the U.K., France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Thailand and Spain among others.